Published on April 18, by Courtney Gahan. Revised on October 15, To paraphrase a source, you have to rewrite a passage without changing the meaning of the original text. You also have to be careful not to use wording that is too similar to the original. Otherwise, you could be at risk of committing plagiarism.

Table of contents How to paraphrase in five steps Paraphrasing tips How to cite a paraphrase Paraphrasing vs. The five steps to paraphrasing may seem straightforward, but writing an idea in a different way than the published version can be difficult. These are four tricks you can apply to help you do so. In the example, you can see that we started by introducing the context the hearing followed by the last part of the original sentence: the expectations of creators, regulators and users.

In fact, the key pieces of information are mentioned in a completely different order. For example, if the sentence was originally in the active voice, change it to passive. The active voice is when a sentence is led by the subject the thing doing the action. When the object the thing receiving the action leads the sentence, that sentence is written in the passive voice.

In this example, technology is the subject; the expectations of creators, regulators and users are the object.

paraphrasing meaning opinion page summary page

The original quote was written in the active voice, while the paraphrase uses the passive voice. Although paraphrasing will usually result in a word count roughly the same as an original quote, you may be able to play with the number of sentences to make the text different. In this example, one long sentence was broken into two.

The opposite could also be the case, i. Scribbr Plagiarism Checker. Once you have your perfectly paraphrased text, you need to ensure you credit the original author. No matter what citation style you use, you always paraphrase in the same way. The only thing that is different is the in-text citation. If you complete thorough research and take notes on the sources you read, you will naturally end up paraphrasing most of the important information you find rather than using direct quotes.

It is wise to limit the number of direct quotes in your paper because:. When you completely or partially describe the outcome of a more substantial part of the research, it is called a summary. There is a distinct difference between paraphrasing and summarizing. However, in general as is the case in many universitiesboth are often referred to as paraphrasing. Why summarize? While paraphrasing and quoting are ideal if you wish to focus on one section of a research article, summarizing is a useful tool if you find the entire source relevant and interesting.

When paraphrasing, you have to be careful to avoid accidental plagiarism.Paraphrasing involves taking a passage — either spoken or written — and rewording it.

paraphrasing meaning opinion page summary page

Writers often paraphrase sentences and paragraphs to deliver information in a more concise way, as you'll see in the examples below. When paraphrasing, it is important to keep the original meaning so that the facts remain intact. Basically, you are writing something in your own words that still expresses the original idea.

Paraphrasing is common when writing an essay or research paper. It allows you to explain important ideas in your own writing style and focus on the information that is most useful in making your point. Even when you put someone else's ideas into your own words, you must cite the source of your information.

This gives credit to the original author for their ideas. Paraphrasing is slightly different than summarizing. When you summarize a passage, you focus on restating only the main idea in your own words. Paraphrasing, on the other hand, aims to provide most of the information in a slightly condensed form. Summaries are much shorter than the original passage, while paraphrasing can be shorter, longer or the same length.

Paraphrasing, summarising and quoting

Sometimes you only need to paraphrase the information from one sentence. Here are some examples of paraphrasing individual sentences:. Paraphrasing a longer passage can take a little more effort, as you have to ensure it is different enough from the original to be classed as your own work. In The Sopranosthe mob is besieged as much by inner infidelity as it is by the federal government. Early in the series, the greatest threat to Tony's Family is his own biological family.

One of his closest associates turns witness for the FBI, his mother colludes with his uncle to contract a hit on Tony, and his kids click through Web sites that track the federal crackdown in Tony's gangland.

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This familial betrayal is multi-pronged. The main point of this passage is that problems within the family are as bad as, if not worse than, problems caused by the federal government. As you can see, the main idea and important details are included in the paraphrased version, though the wording is quite different. There is a fine line between plagiarism and paraphrasing.There are two ways of integrating source material into your writing other than directly quoting from it: paraphrase and summary.

Paraphrases should begin by making it clear that the information to come is from your source.

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Paraphrases may sometimes include brief quotations, but most of the paraphrase should be in your own words. What might a paraphrase of the Thoreau passage look like? Paraphrasing is likely the most common way you will integrate your source information.

Quoting should be minimal in most research papers. Paraphrasing allows you to integrate sources without losing your voice as a writer to those sources. Paraphrasing can be tricky, however. You really have to make changes to the wording. Paraphrasing is a skill that takes time to develop. One way of becoming familiar with paraphrasing is by examining successful and unsuccessful attempts at paraphrasing. Summarizing involves condensing the main idea of a source into a much shorter overview.

When summarizing a source, it is a good idea to use a citation to give credit to the original author. You should reference the author or source in the appropriate citation method at the end of the summary. A long summary can make readers feel that you and they are too distant from an important source. So when you write a summary as long as half a page, look for memorable phrases that you can quote within your summary.

When you add a few quotations to your summary, you seem a more lively writer. You give readers an idea of your source without quoting so much that your paper reads like a cut-and-paste job. If you have pages that are mostly summary and paraphrase, add a few notable quotations that will liven up your writing.

Skip to main content. Module: Using Sources. Search for:. Paraphrase and Summary Learning Objective Differentiate among paraphrase, summary, and quotation. Most men, even in this comparatively free country, through mere ignorance and mistake, are so occupied with the factitious cares and superfluously coarse labors of life that its finer fruits cannot be plucked by them.

Examples of Paraphrasing Without Plagiarizing

Their fingers, from excessive toil, are too clumsy and tremble too much for that. Actually, the laboring man has not leisure for a true integrity day by day; he cannot afford to sustain the manliest relations to men; his labor would be depreciated in the market. Even though Thoreau praised the virtues of the intellectual life, he did not consider… Thoreau In his text, Walden; or, Life in the WoodsHenry David Thoreau points to the incongruity of free men becoming enslaved and limited by constant labor and worry.

They acknowledge that some writers have to draft carefully and stick closely to their outlines, but they advise writers to draft as freely and as openly as they can.In your assignments you will be expected to draw on the writing of experts in your field of study to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts, ideas and debates.

You will also use this material as evidence to support your arguments and justify your claims. Care is needed when incorporating the work of others into your assignments to avoid plagiarism. The techniques that will assist you to achieve this are: paraphrasing, summarising and quoting combined with correct referencing.

Although it can be tempting to copy chunks word-for-word from a text when making notes for an assignment, you should avoid this for three reasons:.

paraphrasing meaning opinion page summary page

Rewording some technical terms or specialised vocabulary e. The teaching method known as direct instruction was developed in North America in the s. Liquid chromatography will be used to separate the components of the mixture.

Therefore, you might need to copy the keywords or discipline-specific words that are essential to retain the original meaning in your notes and use them in your assignments. The following tips will help you write effective notes and avoid plagiarism. Click on the headings below for more details. Record the bibliographic details of the source e. This saves you having to search for the details later and makes it clear where the content originally came from.

As you read, ask yourself: What is the key message of each paragraph or section? Record the main points without the detailed explanations that accompany them. When you can express the key information presented in the original text in your own words briefly, you are ready to make paraphrased notes.

Consider: Is this information relevant? Remember that you are making notes for a specific assignment.

How to write a good essay

It is unlikely that everything you read will be useful, so be selective. As you make notes, include brief comments on their relevance to the assignment. Remember that these are notes - they do not have to be complete sentences. Use dot points, symbols, diagrams, and other graphic representations.

This way you will naturally use your own words when writing the assignment.

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If you do write in full sentences, be sure to use your own words, not those in the original text. Always check spelling, dates, numerical values, etc. Not looking at the original text while making notes will assist you to take notes in your own words and avoid plagiarism.

However, after taking notes, compare your notes to the original text to make sure you have retained the original meaning.Paraphrasing is an important tool to use when writing research papers, essaysand pieces of journalism.

paraphrasing meaning opinion page summary page

She angered me with her inappropriate comments, rumor-spreading, and disrespectfulness at the formal dinner table. This paraphrase is an example of a rewording which shortens and simplifies while maintaining the same meaning.

Her impoliteness, gossiping, and general lack of respect at dinner infuriated me. I was mad when she started spreading rumors, making inappropriate comments, and disrespecting other guests at our dinner.

Another paraphrase, this rewording properly and interestingly rearranges the information provided in the original sentence. Parts of speech ranging from verbs and nouns to adjectives and adverbs are replaced with new parts of speech in this type of paraphrasing.

Here is an example:. The boy quickly ran across the finish line, seizing yet another victory. The quick boy seized yet another victory when he ran across the finish line.


In this example, many parts of speech are changed: the adverb quickly becomes the adjective quick, and the verb phrase with the gerund seizing becomes the verb seized.

Here is an example of change of structure paraphrasing:. Puppies were adopted by numerous kind souls at the puppy drive.

In this example, the object of the sentence kind souls becomes the subject with an active voice adopted rather than a passive voice were adopted. Reduction of clauses paraphrases reduce the number of clauses in a sentence, which can be interruptive or confusing, by incorporating the phrases into the sentence.

Here is an example of reduction of clauses paraphrasing:. Synonym replacement paraphrasing is one of the simplest forms of paraphrasing: replacing words with similar words, or synonyms.

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The older citizens were honored with a parade for those once in the military. In this example, many synonyms are used: older citizens are senior citizens, a parade becomes a march, and those once in the military refers to veterans. Paraphrasing is a way of referencing a source without directly quoting it or of further explaining a selected quote. Correct paraphrasing is important in that poor paraphrasing can result in accusations of plagiarism, or copying from a source without correctly citing it.

Paraphrasing can be found in a variety of journalistic sources from newspapers to film documentaries to literary journals. Here are a few examples of paraphrasing in literature:.Paraphrase and summary are different writing strategies that ask you to put the argument of the author in your own words.

This can help you better understand what the writer is saying, so that you can communicate that message to your own reader without relying only on quotes.

Paraphrases are used for short passages and specific claims in an argument, while summaries are used for entire pieces and focus on capturing the big picture of an argument. The purpose of a paraphrase is to convey the meaning of the original message and, in doing so, to prove that you understand the passage well enough to restate it.

The paraphrase should give the reader an accurate understanding of the author's position on the topic. Your job is to uncover and explain all the facts and arguments involved in your subject.

A paraphrase tends to be about the same length or a little shorter than the thing being paraphrased. The paraphrase:. Summaries are generally much shorter than the original source, since they do not contain any specific examples or pieces of evidence. The goal of a summary is to give the reader a clear idea of what the source is arguing, without going into any specifics about what they are using to argue their point.

In both the paraphrase and summary, the author's meaning and opinion are retained. However, in the case of the summary, examples and illustrations are omitted. Summaries can be tremendously helpful because they can be used to encapsulate everything from a long narrative passage of an essay, to a chapter in a book, to an entire book. Skip to main content. Conciseness and Eliminating Wordiness. Paraphrase and Summary.

Sources: Primary vs Secondary. Theses and Dissertations.

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Paraphrase and Summary Paraphrase and summary are different writing strategies that ask you to put the argument of the author in your own words. The paraphrase: Alters the wording of the passage without changing its meaning.

Retains the basic logic of the argument. Retains the basic sequence of ideas. Can even retain the basic examples used in the passage. Most importantly, it accurately conveys the author's meaning and opinion. In your own words: State the thesis Main claims of their argument conclusion of the original material In both the paraphrase and summary, the author's meaning and opinion are retained. New to our appointment system? Learn more about how it works.

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Paraphrase and Summary

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It is important, however, not to publish copies of the text inside the website and outside it. Otherwise, we will be able to talk about the phenomenon of "duplicate content". The essay is a general philosophical, ethical and aesthetic consideration in which the author shares his reflections with the reader.

There are no specific compositional rules. The essay may be critical, it may present the views of the author, it may also oscillate towards a lighter form.

Also its subject matter is not precisely defined - it may refer to culture, art, science, politics, social issues, philosophy, etc.

It seems, therefore, that it is easy to write an essay, because it can be "anything". However, it is not so, which is why it's good to use parahprase generator or article rewriter tool.

There are also some rules, which are mainly a collection of tips, what should not be done in an essay. Your essay has to be a subjective statement - you should not aim at objectivity but present your own point of view. The essay is not for moralizing - you only have to present your opinion, do not try to convince the recipient that you are right.

Your task as an author is not to exhaust the topic or summarize it in any binding way - you only have to outline the problem you are moving and make the viewer reflect on it.

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The subject of the essay is thus somewhat open. Use a literary language - take care of the richness of language forms, differentiate used adjectives. An essay is a form that counts not only what you write about, but also the language you use.

Before you start writing, think about what cultural references you can apply, write quotes in the text, aphorisms, if you can, apply cultural allusions. An article is a journalistic work in which the author's or editor's position on current social, political, economic or cultural problems is included.

By using various methods of influence, such as argumentation, the commentary tends to shape the reader's opinion.


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